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a little over 24 hours and the ravens will take the field in their biggest gain in 12 years. >> we have live coverage from new orleans. the ravens broadcasting is covering it from every angle. let's turn it over. we are hearing some big names from baltimore are in town. >> big names are in town. a big name is in the hall of fame. the ravens have their first victory of the weekend. jonathan ogden moments ago was elected into the nfl hall of fame. he becomes the first raven in the hall of fame. art modell did not make it into the top 10 finalists. j.o. will be inducted and become one of the all-time greats. he is now a member of the pro football hall of fame. >> i was walking along the river walk today. it was so crowded you could barely move. i saw some 49ers fans for the first time. there was a little bit of smack talk all in good fun. excitement goes beyond downtown. there was a warm welcome in a small town called gretna. >> it was settled by germans and named after a scottish city. it is a jumble of ethnic backgrounds. that is what you will see every sunday at the market. pephis day,
harbor is where ravens fans named at this team. they're called the ravens because that is the name you chose. right here 17 years ago. so it is altogether fitting that this is the spot the ravens will leave from four superable -- super bowl xlvii. isn't it think this team has one more problem to deal with? that is all they have done all year long. what did they say around the country? he is out for the season. guess they were wrong. what about when ray lewis went down with a tricep injury? what did they say around the country? guess he is done for the season. guess they were wrong. what did they say now is the ravens get set for super bowl are thed the 49er's favorite? guess the ravens will not win it. guess they are wrong. ray lewisd to end th career. i wonder what they're doing with that billboard now? when you talk about the highlights of this season, how about beating tom brady not once but twice? >> how about beating peyton manning and tom brady back-to- back? here is a traffic update. the ravens are making progress. they are moving through the traffic. they might be slow, the mov
where necessary starting at 5:00 am. we have learned that tomorrow's raven superbowl rally will go on rain or shine. join us at 11:30 and the voice of the ravens will serve as mc. with members of the 2001 ravens superbowl winning team. and you can get the forecast -- with the 11 forecast in the palm of your hands. somewhere they are not worried about the ice is new orleans. the ravens broadcast team landed there. a look at day one in the land of mardi gras. >> a beautiful evening on the mississippi river, a slight breeze out of the south. this is the crescent city connection or the mississippi river bridge. here is downriver to the gulf of mexico. we hit the ground running. we arrived at 1:00 and the party has already begun. >> our trip started with an early-morning flgiht and they were anticipating plenty of ravens fans making the trip, but later in the week. the anticipation was building. we were greeted with a parade and i'm not saying it was for me and bridget but it felt like it. >> i like flacco. i wans tnt to see someone stop kaepernick. >> the vibe is stronger as they enjoy
. >> is that down for a joint press conference to talk about the day. mindy basara and was of the ravens, gerry sandusky, are there. how did it go today? >> it went spectacularly well and it sets the tone for a unique super bowl. usually on super bowl friday, they have separate press conferences. for the first time ever brother match up, they sat down and talk to the media together. it really set the tone. when i know this is competitive, but it's a very collegial atmosphere. >> they are very different. that was quite evident today. >> brothers, yes. identical box not even close. watch the mannerism the before the historic press conference. john thomas smiling and relaxed. jim nervously chewing his nails. and then the fun began. >> in normal friday practice. we will move on from there. it's your turn. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. and i would work for him, sure. >> i concur. >> a philosophical commonalities? i would be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now. >> maybe even commonality. >> it proved of natural a the idea they both became coaches. one brot
bone crushing hits -- jaw dropping throws. the super bowl showdown between the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers. what you need to know. >> good evening, everyone. this sunday, the ravens plan to raise the lombardi trophy. >> standing in their way, the san francisco 49ers. there'll be no brotherly love until the final whistle. friday night in the big easy the friday night before the super bowl, it must be crazy. >> it is off the hook crazy. we made a lot of new france. >> -- we made a lot of new friends. >> this town is turned inside out and upside down as they get ready for super bowl xlvii, a battle of the brothers. for the first time ever, two brothers will stand across the field, 53 yards apart, separated 15 months from birth. they both spoke today at a joint press conference. >> brothers, yes. identical, not even close. watch their mannerisms. john is smiling, relaxed. jim is chewing nails. >> it will be a normal friday practice. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. i would work for him come ashore. >> i concur. >> philosophical commonalit
. >> what about now? >> more us it is naps. >> the ravens fans are ready for the games but there is a purple haze. everyone is decked out celebrating the ravens. and we have the latest on all the fans there. and there is so much happening in the area. what is going on? >> there is so much going on. you know i'm right in there with my flag waving. and we're here in downtown baltimore. the dome is lit up purple. the buildings are lit up, and fans are excited about the game. and the airport was decked out in everything from purple flowers behind the counters. the walkways and the number 52 everywhere. going to the game is a must. and it was tough for some people to get there but for the fans traveling the super bowl, it is about love and supporting those ravens. one daughter got her father on a special flight to the super bowl going to the super bowl has been his biggest dream. and steve powell's daughter made it possible. >> i never missed one on tv. i have never been to one in person. we'll start the party tonight. >> reporter: and the fans are pumped up and ready for the game. yesterday balt
of that move, the st. bernard project helping. >> i am a ravens fan. >> reporter: even though he is from new orleans, he has switched off and become a ravens fan for six years. his favorite player, ray lewis, and he can prove it. [ laughter ] >> i've been fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, pretty much all of it. to help someone have the same experience and be blessed, it's a good experience. it's humbling. >> reporter: so this crew has about one month left and they'll finish this home. after that they're moving on. there are eight other homes. don harrison, abc2 news. >> you can still's by donating. donating-- you can still help by donating. look on to >> each weir celebrities are asked to pick the champion. here's a look at some of the celebrities that are pecking the ravens. acttor jimmy walker from good times. basketball analyst dick vitale is picking the ravens. the actor from the sotto sopranos said the ravens. let as take a look at the other people, the people pick the 49ers. brady bunch star barry williams. fox news host bill o'reilly likes the 49ers. he
ravens. speech what --'s was purposely written to resonate on the state and national level, some believe. >> them media continues in new orleans as the ravens prep for the shoe burble -- the mania continues in new orleans as the ravens prep for the super bowl. >> it is cold here. we're not complaining. and i am sure it does not faze the ravens. they are so balanced. so much so that ray rice may not be getting as much attention as he is used to carry o. >> ray rice is certainly accustomed to being the star on offense. now, how is he handling all that? he also has a budding star right behind him in bernard pierce. >> the ravens tie-line offense has joe flacco on the star of sports"illustrated -- "sports illustrated" twice. rice has not dazzled with highlights. mostly it offering ground- pounding yards. does that sit well with someone who is very much enjoyed his rise to nfl stardom? >> i do not have to be the center of attention. and i know i am a playmaker on the team. my number will be called fairly often, but there are other guys out there that can do it as well. >> everyone pretty much
are he? >> we are getting ready for the ravens, being down in the super bowl. everybody can't wait. char charley crowson is live at the oyster house for a ravens pep rally. you got them fired up, charlie. >> we got them going. you would think our special has started here at abc 2. they got the party going here. come down and say hi. guys, go ravens. check out who joined us, play makers from the ravens. five of the young ladies here tonight. how is it going? becky is here with us. the captain of the team. you have been going all around the city. how is it doing? >> it's going wonderful. we are excited to be here in baltimore. super bowl. >> you guys would like to be in new orleans. how is the spirit been? >> it's been awesome. very awesome. we are so excited. everybody is wearing purple. glad to be here supporting the team. >> becky, i need some information for you. what do you see coming out sunday night? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: super bowl xlvii. >> who is the winner? >> baltimore. >> live throughout the night for you at abc2 news, our special at 7:00 tonight. i'm going head to play m
the ravens have promised to do everything they can do to get another win, our team coverage continues from new orleans. we are joined by pete gilbert. we understand you caught up with a 2001 champion. >> yes, i did. the whole scope of things right now, starting to get that buys. >> we are in the downtown area and you can fill that excitement. we have seen a lot of fans coming into town. >> and beyonce sang today. in the same building, he is in a unique position as a super bowl winning quarterback. some interesting thoughts 12 years ago. a super bowl winning quarterback. trend had it all in baltimore but hanging his hat on that one moment or even the season, he will not do. >> i wear this once a year, this week. it is in my underwear drawer. i do not want to be defined by the things i did or did not do. life is bigger than a game to me. the process, the year changed me, forever. what we went through, the journey. >> now he studies the game like a professor for espn, offering analysis. and what he sees for the super bowl is an advantage, not for the ravens but san francisco. >> if somehow th
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the baltimore ravens will fly down to new orleans later today, but not before a big sendoff here in baltimore. >> we have live team coverage this morning. it is one big party in new orleans. >> good morning. it is 60 degrees and clear. i'm very comfortable. we got into town yesterday afternoon. we got our press credentials. notice the color. it is purple. we went shopping at the nfl shop inside the convention center. it is a huge shopping. lots of loch raven stuff of course. there are plenty of new orleans that are ne baltimore fans. >> i am glad to have it here. i am glad that baltimore is here. i'm glad ray lewis is here. i hope he can retire in style. >> i got this football with my picture on it. more coverage of the entire week. >> looks like a blast. purple pride in full swing. george lettis is live at the inner harbor. >> it doesn't matter if it is snowing or icing. this is the ravens sendoff rally. over my shoulder is were the stage is. the ravens will talk to fans and getting them riled up. i have some dedicated ravens fans. you guys are
was found four months later in the susquehanna river. >> ravens and players from the other team and coaches face a super sized media throng today in side the mercedes-benz of for dom. >> the talks ended around ray lewis and his alleged use of a banned substance. gerry sandusky to join us live. ray lewis stated this did not happen, right? >> that is correct. expect a huge crowd of media members gathering around ray lewis. his last nfl game. but those story lines were very quickly overshadowed by the sports illustrated article but claims to have a link between ray lewis and a substance on the nfl ab -- banned list. the product is on the nfl nann -- banned list. lewis denied the use. he pointed out this is a similar store that surfaced two years ago which he denied then. sources say he is used products from a company in the past but never products are substances from the banned list. >> that was a two-year old story. that you awnt me to refresh. i would i give him the credit to mention his name or his antics in my moment. so i will not even speak about it. i have been in -- in this business 17
>> and media day for super bowl xlvii. the ravens field questions from hundreds of reporters for the super bowl week tradition. >>> first an update on the breaking news we brought you at 5:00. a judge found anne arundel county executive john leopold guilty. tonight there's already movement to get him out of office. cheryl conner is in pape pea. she joins us with the latest. any word from john leopold tonight? >> reporter: we just saw john leopold leave the courthouse with his attorneys. leopold would not respond to reporters' questions. judge dennis sweeney delivered his final ruling. >>> leopold was found not guilty on another count of misconduct and not guilty of fraud. that was the charge that carried prison time. now we list and to closing arguments. they lasted for four hours this morning. the defense delivered theirs. not and the judge sided with the prosecutor, which referred to leopold requiring county employees to change his urine bag. he also said was against the law to have them work on his campaign but on the issue of having sex in a parking -- that is what we hea
by katrina. the city of baltimore has a lot of volunteers there and today, they are holding a raven's rally. this is a t-shirt that made its way to was last night. this is brigance brigade teacher in honor of the oj - als foundation that he is working with to help families going through this tough situation. these are brand new super bowl shirts. they are going to be available at 17 locations and different stores in the area. you want to make sure you get quality stuff and illegal merchandise. lowel melzer estimated that situation. >> it takes a lot to accommodate your guest of what happens when you have posted 200,000 at the same time? that is what they are expected in new orleans this weekend for the super bowl. it takes approximately 36,000 man hours and over 25 days and nearly 150 people to put up all those super bowl decorations around the city and it will take about 300 people to tear them down. this beautiful super bowl 47 display in the park required nine semi trucks to get here and weighs almost 220,000 pounds. as far as getting around, more than 5000 buses, limos, and cars will b
-- the ravens are arrived about 3:15. quite a bit different than from baltimore this morning. bad bad weather could not keep the ravens fans away. >> here in baltimore, ravens fans love their team. hours before the rally began, thousands of fans filled the amphitheater at the inner harbor. they were here to show their support for the ravens. >> bring it back to baltimore. >> we wish our team well. it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to get here. >> i come from ocean city, maryland. this is baltimore. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived. the fans went crazy. >> how about number 5? >> we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but for another ring back to baltimore. we love you, we love you, we love you. we're going to give it everything we got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >> this is awesome. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans and the team in a final sendoff. >> baltimore on the three.
, the streets were ffll of happy fans.. aad a little chaos.. following the baltimore ravens victory in peeks ago. nnonotable -3 diiturbances that night.. and pplice say thhy willlbe prepared forrfanssto celebrate on super bowllnightt.but will be on alert for anyyne wwo crosses the line ann puts people at rrsk of etttng hurt. 3 (deputy comm. skinner) "so, & pouull see the mounted patrol -3 out there, you'll see a llt of officers being very, veey visible.. a lot of our special - equipment will bb out in those zones. but across the city we'll have a signiffcant number of police working. so, just kkid of coming and going through the city and travelling through the main thoroughffres. you'rr just concentrated.. enough cops." 3 police say officers will also be at headquurters monitorrng feees from stationaay and helicopter cameras. they say they'll also be out with other laa enforcement agencces looking for drunk drivvrs. live in fedeeal hill, keith aniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. 3 many ravens playerr and coaches are in the spotlightt this week at t
is even necessary. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ravens fans braving the snow and cold support the team in an early-morning rally. it got a lot of a national attention. >> on this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show when it comes to their team, they are true blue. >> called but fun. >> hundreds backing the amphitheater for the wbal today show rally starting with a broadcast at 5:00 and continue continuing through "today." all morning, ava marie showed natalie how to do ray lewis's dance. >> i think i got it down. it's pretty basic. it's all about the emotion. >> this was part of a bet with "today" whether man, al broker. if they win a comment he will be dressing up as the raven. if the 49 ers win, morales will dress up as a miner. >> they started setting up and we were showing up by 4:30 ready to show that the ravens spirit as well and alive. >> it is impressive. i did not think people would show up because of this note. >> it takes more than snow to keep these fans a home. even mayor stephanie rawlings blake helped kick of the largest purpl
now it is the biggest purple friday of all. ravens rallies are planned throughout the area today. there is a major rally at the inner harbor. sarah sampson will have a live report. >> we thought we would switch uniform and i would come dressed as jim and jim would come dressed as me. >> later today, the harbaugh brothers will hold the first- ever joint head coach press conference. >> we know we have to go out and do our job. i think we have some humble guys on our side of the ball. we have to go out there and do our job. >> joe flacco knows how to win a football game. it is all about getting a r ing. good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> 5:01. john has some snow in the forecast. >> wednesday was like summer. we are back to when the time. a lot of their readings are freezing point.ings ar we have a few flurries. we expect some light snow shower activity this morning. then the wind picks up and the sun comes back. now we want to check on the traffic. >> we have some areas of flooding left over for that rain, especially to the south. anne arundel county, there
their ravens purple pride. we begin with gerry sandusky. he is live in new orleans. we start with that insane ravens rally at the inner harbor and tonight in the big easy. >> it doesn't get much better than that. that is a full day when you start with thousands of ravens fans in a driving rainstorm. they were not at all affected by the weather. the weather in new orleans is spectacular. they got into town about 3:15. the super dome is spectacular. it stands out in the landscape as you come into new orleans. imagine how it looks for those who who never played at a super bowl. it was a 2 1/2-hour flight to new orleans. for some, the trip to the super bowl took 15 years. >> i mean, i don't think it stifled joe in any way like that. joe is joe. the progression of a quarterback and his career and what he has gone through and accomplished this year, it is just a progression. people are going to view it a certain way like oh, joe broke through. joe has been winning games since day one, since he got here. he is still a relatively young quarterback. >> and he has one more game to try to win this seaso
for the super bowl. i am jennifer franciotti live in the big easy. >> a purple wedding dress for a ravens fan. >> with more on how president obama will lend his voice to the immigration debate today. >> it is time to warm up. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. >> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> how is the weather shaping up? >> we will be in the 50's and 60's for the next couple of days. 37 right now at the airport. there is a little bit of fog. a mixture of sun and clouds. a slight chance for a rain shower. 60's tomorrow. >> good morning. one problem spot to talk about on the city-county line where route 40 remains closed. you can get by that accident scene. looking good on 95 near 100. in the green on the north and southbound side. this is the fort mchenry and tunnel and we're looking good. no delay on the northbound
one of those things is the mighty, mighty baltimore ravens. [cheers] >> the governor's agenda reflects his national ambitions . it is back to business for the ravens family 49ers as they hit the practice field. >> more fans are making their way to new orleans. jennifer franciotti joins us live from the be easy with a closer look at one of the favorites in new orleans. >> absolutely. everybody said you have to go there. so of course we did. it is known for its coffee and tea beignets. they do hundreds an hour for around-the-clock. the dough is flatten down and a special roller cuts it into squares. it doesn't take long to cook them. they are topped with powdered sugar. for more than just fried dough. >> it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. only closed on christmas. >> they just taste good at the end of the day. >> the experience is worth while. that is what drives us back. >> it is a great place to work. >> so much fun. i had a chance to get my hands dirty. i had to try them. this is not a good place to be if you're on a diet. every day might resolve has gotten weaker and weake
paradise." paradise." 3 that was ravens safety,ed reed belting out a tune at the pavens rally yesterraa. oof the superbowl in grand &fashion at the inner hhrborr ravens players... ast and present.. along with city officials wished tte team well.. as they prrpare to taae on the 499rss. in the even before 3 forecast. 3 thhs super bowl run has been a bonaaza for ravens retailers. 3 booanza forrrun has been 3 3 p jjel d. smitt is live in rosedale... with some of the - newest merchandise outtthis weekkanddanother eason why football success in baltiiore 3 gooodmorning joel d..-3 3 3 coming up... walk down the eeter to win a free edding..- you're watthing fx 45 morning nees.. all locall. all -- morninn.. & 3 ((bumppout)) ((break 1)) 3 3- 3&pbrinn your sense of adventure and llarn how animals in the baltimmoe is hosting an adults only at the zoo. 3 emily gracey oinssus for this &pmornings ometown hoospot. - &pwhat's sex aa the zoo? 33 - how old dd you have o be too 3 attend thh event?- what can we see??- 3sex at the zoo is february 14th from 6:00 p
it will mean for your & morning commute... vytts. p3 3 baltiiore has waited 12 years for this week.the ravens are - back in the super bowl.we have live overage tonight from new orleans..organ adsst joins us now to kick thiigs off.moogan. the 44ers have landed in the big easy...the ravens head to super bowl 47 tomorrow.but before anyone was there... was fox 45 sports new orleans.he joins us live now, hey brrcc. 3 3 3 3 3 thankk bruce...aan once pgain...for the thirr ssraiggt playoff wwek....he ravens are -3the underddg.the lineddoppned up at 5 in vegas...but since fans are betting raaens...theyy are now a 3-and-aahalf point &punderdog.just the way tth ravens like it. 3 3 we ave you covered on our website... all tte way leading uu to super bowl 3 dot com.go to ssorts... click 3 coverage... ray's final ride... and his history as a a speccal look at super bowl's all there and more... at fox baltimore dot com. 3 our live coverage froo new orleans with bruce continues on sports unlimited.also, find &pout iffwinning the lombardi ttophy..
on traffic pulse 11. >> today marks the first full day of super bowl week. >> the ravens left baltimore with an amazing sendoff yesterday. the excitement of the offense was not diminished. >> sarah sampson has more. we begin with jennifer franciotti in the big easy. good morning. >> new orleans has been a wonderful town. looking forward to all of the fans coming into town. we are interested in finding our fans from baltimore. getting ready for the big day. we have mardi gras going on. this could be a record crowds. a new rivalry between the teams. we have seen police on foot patrols and the vehicles. also the mounted units are out in force. they will be there for safety and to make visitors feel welcome. >> if you are coming into new orleans, you can expect police officers on every corner. easy to see. just remember that common sense and common courtesy = common safety. >> a good idea to know where you're going. we have found free maps all over the place. the police are physical. they wanted to be here and take advantage of all they have to offer. make sure you have a comfortable shoes.
. the band of brothers will be the brothers on the side lines ravens side lines and 49ers side line. >> jack harbaugh has molded his boys into world class coaches. don't forget about mom jackie and her role in shaping the two boys. >> can you site one or two things you learned from your mothers that you applied in your coaching careers? (laughter) >> she basically made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> pete gilbert wbal, tv 11 news. >> i like that. >> he is not heavy. >> he is my brother. >> the purple friday. the inner harbor was the site of a huge super bowl rally. >> fans sent the ravens off with spiel it was a purple friday with a national audience. >> on this super purple friday ravens fans came out early to show when it comes to the fans they are truly blue. >> they packed the amphitheater for a ravens rally. started wit our broadcast at 5:00 a.m. and continued through "the today show". >> what do you think so far? >> this is crazy. >> ava marie showed the today's show natalie morales how to be a ravens fan like how to do ray lewis' squirrel dance.
there and finish business. >> once the ravens landed in your mind, he said, it is time to finish the business. -- in new orleans, he said, it is time to finish the business. the baltimore ravens are in the land of the big easy now to prepare for the task ahead. jennifer franciotti reports. the san francisco crowd has already faced the media, and in a few minutes, so will the ravens. >> a media frenzy, journalists from all over the world are here to talk with the forty-niners and the ravens. in about 50 minutes, the ravens take the center stage. you just wanted to see what it was all about, right? >> exactly. why not skip work this morning and go check it out? >> you think it is going to be crazy? >> oh, yeah. i heard it this morning on the radio at 6:00 a.m. i can imagine what it quite to be like. >> what is it like to have the super bowl in your city? >> it is crazy. i can see the dome. i can see all the decorations and everything. it is exciting to be here. >> are you rooting for the ravens? >> i am actually voting for the ravens. i will be in baltimore from my birthday. i want you to be in
. [captioning made possible byconstellation energy group]>> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. ravens fans brave the cold to support the team in a rally that earned some national attention. >> in this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show they are true blue. , -- rex cold, but really fun -- >>, cold, but really fun. ask the ravens rally started at 5:00 a.m. and continued through the mesh "the today show --"the today show." ava marie showed natalie morales what it takes to be a ravens fan. she is part of a super bowl that with al rocher. if the ravens win, i'll will dress up as the ravens mascot. >> morales agreed to dress up as a minor if the ravens -- if the niners win. fans were showing the entire country that ravens spirit is alive and well. rex it is impressive, especially with the snow. >> it takes more to keep ravens fans homes -- home. >> it is great third -- great. >> the fans are super fans. they are not just ordinary fans. >> super fans, ready for a championship. >> that was so fun to watch. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake made her wager with the m
now good morning maryland. the week we have been waiting for all season, ravens leaving charm city for the super bowl. where to show off your purple pride. >>> jurors back in court for the felecia barns murder trial. how the state is expected to portray the alleged killer. >>> we have coverage of the winter weather of a messy monday morning as you get ready to head out the door. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend. the story now, the weather. see a wintery mix this morning. mike masco is in wood lawn. >> team coverage, out the door safely as safely as possible. loren is watching the roads. we begin with lynette charles. >>> we are dealing with wintery weather this morning. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until lunchtime for today. the areas shaded in the blue. cecil county, towards the west, as we look through the eastern shore, rain across the area. the winter weather, we have advisory. let's take you on a little tour. see the mixing, where you are seeing the blues, you are dealing with snow across the yeah. we are gett
, california. >>> it is super bowl week and it is officially underway. the baltimore ravens touchdown in new orleans just a minute ago and tonight, the stage is starting to teenage place for the super bowl showdown versus the san francisco 49ers. all right, the big easy all abuzz as the city gets ready to put on the biggest football game of the year. >> and our blitz and glitz team, they are there to bring you the sights, sounds, and celebrities in town. kristen berset joins us live from new orleans where the team is starting to settle in. what a week ahead, kristen. >> reporter: yeah, anita, they have so much coming up this week. like you said, they arrived earlier today. we got our media badges and we are in new orleans when we get our own set of beads. we'll be taking those out with us. but everybody is getting settled in. the media is starting to fill in the room and we'll be hearing from ravens head coach, john harbaugh, and some of the players, as well. they all got on their charter flight this morning. you know, a trip that they have been, you know, trying for years to make. it's be
john and jim harbaugh are giving so mch credit tt their mother. mmther.the ravens seeret weapon. weapon.[12](wider shot) "the journeyysince my diagnoses hhs bben challenging.. tte personal an amazing inspiratioo. the high winds will die down but the cold weatter wwll bb hangng around.whee ssow could arrive this weeeend and how skywatcc forecaat. 3and a messege from johh leopo. leooold."he will goodoon in shae county executive said inn his letter of resignation. hello, i'm jeff 3barnd. barnd. and iim karee parks. we're less than 48 hours from kickoff betwwen tte pavens and the forty niners. niners. and the eecitement gilbert and bruce cunninghhm are liveetonight in ew ooleans, taking you inside the let's go first to sports director bruce cunningham who was at the cooches press p3 3 3 thanks bruce, jennifer gilbert is also anchoring our coverage offthe ssperbowl ffom nee rleans. things on this friday beffre - the super bowl? rollcce pkg=second suppr bowl . 3 3 3 &p3 baatimore police aae bracinn for super owl fans. they say trouble.. bbt if people et o
pride on. >> the hair is quite catching. >> when i wear purple, bad things happen to the ravens. i want them to win. >> it's not just any purple friday, no, we are two days away from the super bowl. the ravens have been at work in the big easy all week, endless interviews to practices later than usual in the day to get ready for the late start on sunday night. we are getting a early start celebrating on what we know will be a big win sunday. kelly is live. [technical difficulties] if you are going talk about southern louisiana, talk about the hurricane. we have your beers and spit. rich you guys are ready to make the hurricane should the customer want it. first start off with ice. we got our rum. got to have the rum. >> ba cardy. >> yes, orange juice, pineapple and a little bit of grenadine. >> that gives -- red flavor. it ties together. top it off with an orange. you got rich here rs he will make you your hurricanes, guys. >> what is you name, sir? >> nick. that is yours. we will be life throughout the night, getting ready at come by and say hi, join us, as always, super
a ravens fan on redskins turf. the line fan we found rock -- the lone fan. >> and let's go, ravens, i'll jump on that bandwag on, too and we had some freezeing rain. the good news, the temperatures won't dip below freezing and we have an up-and-down forecast. what are you working on? >> the caps finally notched that first win of the season and we'll hear from the head coach before they hit the road and we also heard from the ravens prior to their trip down south. south. . >> we got two tickets topiary dice. >> and adgreen has the chops. sendoff from baltimore earlier today. more sights and sounds straight ahead on the sports edge.  >>> the army corps of engineers back on the side of a d.c. world war 1 mew nichian sites. investigators have demolished a home in the neighborhood where evidence was found and lives to in the surrounding soil and th work isk pentd to the take three -- expected to take three week. >>> the latest survey shows the price of a gallon of regular unleaded rose 2 cents the past two weeks. the national average is $3.34 and in the district, it's $3.56; maryland
...bruce..// 3 ravvnn faas- / nnt... - today's ravens rally downtown pushed forward despite tte iserable ccnditiins. amber millee pas there and tells us people &pwere'nt just dancing in the cheering oo. 3&pthe atmosphere at baltimmre's -amphitheater was fflly charged. e very where you turned there was a sea of black and purple---people tanding in the cood and the rain just to send their ravens off in style. 33 p(nat sound up))<6621:05 we're going tt theesuper bowl. & super bowl cound. super bowl 44. we're gonna mmke history.> even before the men -3&pof the hour arrived--- baltimore ravenss fans weree &ppumped.each provinn that no matter the weather---mondaa was all abouttcelebrating their favorite team as they 3 <6:22:13 we like it like this. this is ravenn' weather. you never kkow when you're gonna get another super bowll> ((sot))<6:22:20 go ravens. gg ravens.> one ommn even wrote a song....(nnt sound up))<6619935 got to be - more careful with our ravens in your town. didnnt come for form or fashion, just to knock yyll
, and jonathan ogden was selected to be a part of this class. that's the first baltimore ravens draft pick is their first-ever hall of famer. art was denied for a second time. we will discuss more of those in the hall of fame tonight on game on that starts at 8:00. but you also mentioned rg3. he is here in new orleans. you haven't heard too much about his knee. we did hear when doctors cleared him to travel to new orleans to be a part of the nfl honors reward show. he is up for rookie of the year. he was busy talking on the red corporate. we did see him without crutches. that's a good sign. i caught up th his buddy this week. he recently went to go see griffin. i wanted to know how the qb was doing. >> you know, come into a program that has been -- help be able to turn that around. everyone going in the same direction. that's how we get that push to get into the post season. >> now the nfl honors will air tonight at 9:00 right here on wusa. right before that, from 8:00 to 9:00, a special edition of game on live from new orleans. we'll break down the super bowl and talk about the latest h
will remain acting county executive. >>> two days, that's it, two days and the ravens will step onto the field for super bowl xlvii. >> the players have been working hard, practicing in new orleans. >> we will get to latest from jamie costello in a few minutes. first. >> let's head to good morning maryland's own charley crowson who is wide awake despite the hour because of the fan frenzy. it's all purple, mardi gras. >> reporter: good evening to you. we are live. it rolls off the tongue. >> it works well. it works well. >> reporter: i know someone was paying attention as to whether you were going to say it right and you nailed it. we are life at riley's oysters. it's like a multi-day holiday. we are starting the party friday, saturday in to sunday, leading up to it. people are filling in tonight at riley's oysters. go ravens. you can do better than that. go ravens. [cheering] that is what we are talking about. it's only 5:00. you left work early. >> absolutely. >> reporter: getting ready for super bowl sunday. go ravens right there. ladies enjoying the cocktails and oysters, too. we will be he
: the road to the super bowl hasn't been easy for the ravens or the fans. >> reporter: you see them everywhere, purple flowers popping up. for folks going to the game it's a must, but getting there involves planning. to leave bwi for the new orleans skies, that's logistics. >> we're staying inly -- biloxi. >> reporter: then you have top rent a car -- top to -- have to rent a car. >> and come get us and take us back. >> reporter: if you didn't make your plans seconds after the ravens beat the patriots you're flying shy of brazil. if you want to make your husband happy, give him a super bowl birthday bash. >> this is my 40th present. >> totally my treat. >> reporter: they have to go through orlando and mississippi. they feel like they're dating again because there are no kids here. >> first time in 20 years sense our kid was born that we took a vacation. >> reporter: he's probably mad he's not going. >> he used to go to all the ravens games with me but he's in college. >> we're looking forward to it. we're going to see everything in one day. >> reporter: or you can be a proud daughter
. the baltimore ravens in new orleans ahead of super bowl 47. today at the superdome, it was packed with photographers, reporters, and fans to hear from players and coaches. and some of the talks centered around religion and his alleged use of a banned substance. we are joined live from the superdome. this is a big story for the media. is this a distraction for the team right now? >> no, he has gone through this before, 12 years ago on the heels of the trial atlanta. for ray lewis, this is experienced territory, stepping into the national spotlight and getting hit from all angles. today, sports illustrated claiming there is a link between ray lewis and a substance similar to hgh. swats is a company whose owner is on -- take a call between him talking about a banned substance. ray lewis did not want to promote a story that he said was 2 years old and would not give more attention to the writer of the story. he has used products from the company, but none of those products are on the banned substance list. >> that was a 2-year-old story that you want me to refresh. i would not give hi
breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everybody. the ravens compared to head to new orleans. fans are heading to the stores and looking for gear to support them. sarah is reporting live with more. >> people keep going in and out of this place. the owner is says it has been like that since 9 a.m. on monday morning. people cannot get enough of ravens gear. the owner says he expects things will be even busier as we approach next weekend. people are looking for things further super bowl parties. they have championship shirts, jerseys, hats, and other things. >> the locker room t-shirts, anything with the super bowl on it, the flags, other things like that. >> i have to. they will win. we have to support them. >> some items have started to run out, especially the ones made overseas and need to be shipped over. the one thing that they really want are the items that they cannot win -- cannot buy, and that is a win. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. you can help the ravens take the news off in style. it is on monday at 1130 at the empathy there. 11 sports
talking to the so- called freaks of bourbon street. >> ♪ ♪ >> the ravens or the 49ers? >> the ravens. >> how long can you stay like this? >> forever. eric samuah the big winner? definitely going to be the 49ers. [someone tap dancing] >> let's see what they have to say, ravens or forty-niners? >> forty-niners. >> the ravens. >> ♪ ♪ >> go ravens. >> you can tell the future. ravens or forty-niners? >> forty-niners. >> the ravens. >> ♪ >> nothing like santa claus on bourbon street. 49ers. it's going to be a close game. >> ♪ [jazz music playing] >> we found out the dunites ago there was a lot of purple -- or i should say gold. 49ers fans. last night it was not even close. overwhelmingly, many more ravens fans. much more black and purple here on bourbon street. that's what we like to see it. reporting live on bourbon street, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> john kicks in down there. >> i think so. watch abc 7 tonight at 8:00 for our special on the ravens road to new orleans. leon harris, britt mchenry, and tim brant. don't miss it. it's 34 degrees. >> still ahead, and added challenge
behind me. there are signs that are being handed out. even some ravens four-related fans. tell me what is on your sine. >> i'm expecting a baby any day now. >> can you show me if you can still dance? [cheers] it.there you have t lots of excitement this morning. this is the place you want to be if you're a ravens fan. jennifer franciotti is down in new orleans. we're having a great time here. >> sounds like everybody is having so much fun. a real chance to show that our fans get ready for the big game. we're here at the superdome. we are starting to see ravens fans all over new orleans. they are having loads of fans. the players sat down before the media. number 5 has thrown eight touchdowns and no interceptions. only five other quarterbacks have to accomplish that in postseason play. as for how joe flacco fails about ravens fans, knows we're one-of-a-kind. >> baltimore is unbelievable. football is everything there. it was pretty cool just to see that and people were wearing everybody's jerseys. >> we'll hear from john harbaugh coming up at 6:30. now back to you guys. >> our comprehensi
that unites us than divides us. and this year, one of those things is the mighty baltimore ravens. >> members of the obama administration attended the speech fuelling administrative speculation that he may consider a run for the presidency. >> speaking of the by the ravens, the super bowl showdown awaits the baltimore ravens and the forty-niners this sunday. >> we have live team coverage from the big easy tonight, covering from food to football and fun. let's head to mende and jerry. >> one of the big thing is happening here today, access to the players for interviews. dodge the second year wide receiver has had a breakout year, but we want to take you back earlier when he suffered the tragedy of losing his brother. fair to say all players that come to the super bowl carry a measure of fear of losing the game. when you have lost someone you love, a game becomes just that, a game. football is what has kept his family and his life very much on track. >> one night remove from the death of his 19-year-old mother, smith playing the game of his life. >> a moment of grief and triumph, on the day his
the day. >>> going to see the ravens in super bowl xlvii would be a dream of a lifetime. tickets aren't easy to come by. the cost is outrageous and the demand is high and the availability is low. there are ravens fans here. eli buckner is one of them. he has been a fan for half his hive, which is four years since he's only eight. his dad surprised him with tickets to the super bowl. >> i'm most excited about ray lewis's last day in that i'm going to the super dome. >> you're hoping they're going to win? >> i really think they'll win. >> why? >> i bet we're going to beat kaepernick because we beat manning and brady. >> this is a trip he won't forget. >>> jim and john will face each other in the big game on sunday but the harbaugh brothers have been battling it out for years. we dug into the archives to find an interview where john talkses about being surpassed by his brother on the depth chart in high school. >> i was supposed to be the quarterback our senior year but i got beat out by the sophomore store but it lessened the blow when it was my brother. >> ravens fans were hoping this
. good morning oel d. 3 3 3 we''l be streaming the ravens rrlly live on our website.. foxxaltimore dot coo.. startinggat 11:30. the nntion is watching as the paltimore raaens watching as the the nation is starting at foxbaltimore dot website.. llve on ourrthe ravens rally we'll be streaming we'll be strraming the ravens ally live oo our website.. poxbaltimore dottcom.. starting at 11:30. the nation is watching aa the plaas hhs last game.but this &pnumbbr 2. seeh,,if we win the super bowl, i'm goinn to go to the 50 yard line of the super dooe, get down on onee knee, ann ascend nto heaven. i'mmgoing through the roof. that's going to be a sight. pveeybody. (leave up his dancing while we tag out) &pout)you can atch the entire ray lewis s- p-l skit by going to our websste, foxbbltimore-dot- com.... and clickinggon "around he web.. we're following ray's last ride all the way to the superdome in new orreans.see playoffs.... hear raw inttrviews from he players... and find othee web linkksby going to oor website... foxbaltimore dot commclicc oo the "ray's last ride" banner on
. >> one down, one to go. the san francisco 49ers touchdown in a new orleans yesterday. >> the ravens head down to the the you see later today. >> george lettis is live downtown. we star with mindy basara. she is in new orleans this morning. >> hi. we got into town yesterday afternoon. getting to our hotel was a bit of a challenge. so much energy here. so much activity. we went to get our press credentials. notice the color of the beads, purple beads. we did a little shopping. there is a football fans paradise. lots of ravens stuff. there are plenty of new orleans native that are ravens fans. >> i am glad to have it here. i am glad that baltimore is here. i'm glad ray lewis is here. >> check this out. how would you like to have your picture on a football? mindy basara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is very cool. >> what a great idea. >> thank you. george lettis is live with a preview of today's big sendoff. >> we're live at the inner harbor amphitheater. the stage is set. you can see the tents. the ravens bus will come here. they will talk to the fans a little bit. we will talk to some folks. w
but ravens fans are startiung to trickel in. in.bruce ccnninngam... joining 3 new orleans with hat media day was likk wwtt ll thee - fans... brrce. 3 3 -3 3 &p ,3 3 it's time to trash talk thhse 49ers fans. the twitter fight is on.. seed a twwet & po thooeesan francisco fans &p uue tte hass ttg "49ers beat down". see whht ravens faan and 49err fans aae saying byygging to on "tweet beat" nder hot 3 for mosttpeople who live in - baltimorr, goinn to theesuuer bowl would be a dream come truee & wwy would oneeman... - then... ell themmon e-bay??-amber miller... says... it... isn't to... turn -3 a prooit--/ 3 forward...//. 3 wayneeruth and hhs wife are huge ravens fans.but affer buying twootickets to the super bbwl for 850 a & piecee--they couldd't bbing themmelves to keep them--- insseaddthey ppsted them on 3 the couple is asking for a -pttaa f 3 thousand 5 hundred - dollars.all proceeds going to sarah's hope--an emergency & shelter in baltimore that seevvs hommless women nd children.r
...hahaha ravens going alllthe way baby, 3 p, 3 altimore 3 police are beefing up security & in preparation for the super bowl. they doont expect any major disturbances. buu ... if fans gee out of ccntrol.. policc say they'll be ready readd policeesay.... & uniiormed and undercover - officers... will be deployed &pto prime bar neighborhoods like federrl hiil, fells point pnd canton.. the - department sayy it'' prepared for fann to celebrate,,like thhy did ollowing the ravens' p-f-c titll game bout two weekssago.. but police ssy under control. 3&p(canddce/fan) "no, not too ut of control.. no urinating in that.. just, hopefully - everybody hhving fun and ggtting along and no fights!" fights!" police say officers ill also be aa -&pheadquarters monitoring those feeds from stattonary andd hhlicopter cameras. police haae ther plans tomorrow.. tomorrow..they'reegoing to have d-u-i... detection units throughout the city. they're also shutting down a loo of - streets deepnding on how &plarge crrwdssare. for a complete list of the
many students were involved. a police investigation is now under way. ravens fans are waiting for sunday's super bowl. >> jennifer franciotti got a chance to sample some of the regional delicacies. she joins us live with more. i am envious. >> i will see if i could bring something back to you. i focused yesterday on the beignets. they were amazing. cafe du monde is world famous in the french quarter. it is the place to go. these beignets are made by the hundreds around-the-clock. a roller cuts them into squares. they do not take long to cut. beignets and cafe du monde, and experience. >> it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. only closed on christmas. >> they just taste good at the end of the day. >> the experience is worth while. that is what drives us back. >> people see you through the window and waved at you. it is a great place to work. >> groups come by and everybody is invited to sing. it is a lot of fun. i saw sharon osborn. keith mills will get to see beyonce. we'll tell you it would plan for later tonight. >> brad pitt hangs out in new orleans a lot. >> i'm ho
sending two to the hospital. the ravens broadcasting team will plans in new orleans. we have a live look behind the scenes as they prepare for superable xlvii. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. this 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. a terrible might leaving four injured and a 10-year-old girl killed. sarah samson's then the actor known talking to neighbors -- spend the afternoon talking to neighbors. >> a heartbreaking scenes and i am there is already a memorial set up. all day, people have been stopping by dropping off stuffed toys and notes address to the little girl. they say the girl's name was raven. the fire broke got just before 11:00 last night. baltimore city fire said seven people escaped the house and when they got here, they heard the 10-year-old girl was in the basement. the flames were just too intense and they had to evacuate. they later found her arm the first floor. witnesses who saw the flames say that they were both incredibly intense. >> i heard all the fire trucks storming down the street. i came up in the house was totally engulfed in flames. smoke was everywhere.
are talking about, and that is the super bowl just days away. the team has arrived in new orleans. the ravens landed earlier this evening. over the next few days so will thousands of raven's fans. they can fit right in with the mardi gras atmosphere. as for the city of south new orleans, they are qualified to hold a big event like this. we go live to explain why. >> it seems like it is everybody's favorite city. it is beautiful. you can see it is decorated for the super bowl. this will include the ravens and forty-niners colors. you can see the purple and gold. it is quiet. tomorrow is going to be of that house when they gather for media day. they will face the assembled masses. i am not seeing too many fans. we expect they will start trickling in tomorrow. that is all right. that to share some of the things that make this town unique. there may be no other american city like new orleans. it is a place you can enjoy a of steel drummer and steps away a jazz combo. stroll through the french market, and you will encounter the magic of this guitar-violin to row. and you're also likely to meet com
is there? 3p1 pm pm 3ravens fan really 3 are taainn this town by storm. ttereejust aren't nearly as - many san fran fans.somebody 3 champaign and eating sushii 3 federal hill.. to bourbon street. street. 3 3 3 our walk down bourbon street tonn f ravees fansstthey jjust swaarmed us. defiiitely a llt of fox45 fans heree many diffferentt & o 3 3 3 -3 3 3 jennifer gilbert... 3 liie in new orleans... ttankk! 3 p..we''l telllyou about some of the áunusualá bets peoplee 3 11-300 n sports unlimitee 3 baltimore police... are prepariig... foo super bowl fans..../ they... don't expect... any... major disturbances.. / but of control.. cops say they will be prepared. prepared. police say... uniforred and undercover officers... will be deployed to prime bar neighbbrhoods like federal hill, fells point department says it's prepared por fans to celebrate, likee thhy did following the ravens' a-f-c titll game about two weeks ago....// butt police say theyywant rowds to remain unner remain under connrol.
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